Taking a Stand for Jesus

I was walking down the aisle just before the evening meeting in the Baguio Central church in northern Philippines, when a man stopped right in front of me and asked, “Do you remember me, Pastor Dan?” I looked at him, and then it hit me—Edgar! I had baptized him in Baguio, 5 years ago! He... Continue Reading →

In the Very Pains of My Love

“When I lost my father, I was lost.” On December 1st 2017, Melanie lost her best friend, her father. “I remember the next Sabbath. I was looking at the bulletin in church, and in their announcements, there was a section talking about a mission trip that Quiet Hour Ministries was going to conduct.” She remembers... Continue Reading →

Kids Crowd in for Jesus

“I’ve never been on a mission trip with this many children before!” said Barbara, one of the children’s program leaders. Two of the three evening meeting sites for the children were outdoors with temporary walls built to make a safe space. After the first evening, both sites had to rebuild their walls to make room... Continue Reading →

The Power of Prayer

“I know the enemy has shown up tonight, but I also know God is here,” said Carmen, the speaker at the Vallejuelo Central SDA Church, during our trip to the Dominican Republic. Before every meeting, Carmen would take those who were a part of that night's service into the back room and pray for what... Continue Reading →

The Heart of Fasting

“How does fasting deepen our spiritual experience?” was a great discussion question we had for our study groups in a closed country. In their study groups, QHM gospel workers and members discussed how several religions practice fasting during religious holidays, to feel closer to God and develop their spirituality. Holidays like Ramadan and Lent typically... Continue Reading →

Learning What the Bible Says

“They’re fanatical cults. That’s why we must not study the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventists or the Jehovah's Witnesses,” said the Pastor. He was discussing doctrinal teachings with Elias who was visiting a protestant church in Papua New Guinea. Elias maybe didn’t realize it at the time, but he was searching for something more in... Continue Reading →

Chiradzulu District

Can you imagine being one pastor for 31 churches? It’s hard to believe, but that’s the job of District Pastor Ernest Kefa.   The Adventist message is spreading so quickly through the country of Malawi that it’s hard for pastors like Pastor Kefa to keep up.   “When I first became District Pastor for Chiradzulu in 2020,... Continue Reading →

Winning with Jesus

“Our lives revolved around gambling,” shared Rosamie tearfully. “But Jesus truly delivered us from that desperate, depressing cycle.” Renie and his wife Rosamie live in the rural mountain suburbs on the Zamboanga peninsula, a Southern region in the Philippines. Before Renie gave his life to Jesus, he used to drink and gamble frequently. His addiction... Continue Reading →

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