Yes, we are still thanks giving!

In the Southern Mindanao Mission, the good news of Jesus is spreading quickly! Despite the pandemic, small groups gather together for humble baptisms in the ocean, lakes and even swimming pools! What an exciting reason to extend our thanks giving this season! Praise God! But once they accept Jesus, where do these new believers find... Continue Reading →

Sidelined on Sabbath

Rosalie and Renaflor sat on the sidelines the last Sabbath watching as everyone else went in the water to publicly commit their lives to Jesus. The two had been so eager to be baptized during our mission trip to The Philippines. That Sabbath, however, they had not joined the others. Rosalie and Renaflor sat on... Continue Reading →

The question Judy never expected to hear

On a recent mission to the Philippines, Judy experienced something for the first time that she never dreamed would happen! Even though she is a veteran QHM team member and has been on many mission trips, Judy never fails to encounter a unique experience. That’s what’s beautiful about missions, whether on mission trip five or... Continue Reading →

Hiking two hours to meet Jesus

Don and Beverly were on their first mission trip to the Philippines. Don was preaching at a meeting site way out in the jungle where the people lived in a primitive neighborhood called a barangay. Marina smiled with joy after her baptism. Each night, they would drive an hour from where the team was staying... Continue Reading →

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